Oli E Camper




We are really excited to announce our new partnership with Disability Sports and Recreation and the DSR Kids Program.

For every Victorian, school camps are a childhood right of passage; leaving home, for what is often the first time, to have adventures without the watchful parental gaze.

Sadly, many children with disability are excluded from mainstream school camps and outdoor activities because of their physical needs.

As part of their DSR Kids program, Disability Sport & Recreation run a summer and a winter camp every year for children with disability so they too can experience fun and adventure away from home.

The three-day camps are designed to help the children develop their physical strength and mobility as well as self-confidence, self-esteem and independence in a friendly and supportive environment.

So that cost is no barrier to participation, we have decided to partner with Disability Sport & Recreation to sponsor a child’s trip to camp.

On each of the summer and winter camps, there will now be an Oli E camper… a child whose family needs extra assistance to pay for the activities that other children take for granted.

We can’t wait to sponsor our first OliE Camper for the 2015 Winter Camp.