Michael Sheedy


Current position of employment

Managing Director of TNF CRICKET

Director of Lifestyle Brands International

A brief background on your professional career 

GM – Business Development & Executive Recruitment at FC Business Solutions

Product & Sales Manager at Newbery Sports Australia

How did you get involved with the Oli E

Becoming close family friends of Paul, Katie, Olivia and Flynn Evans has led me to being involved with the foundation along with founder Scott Duane through sporting connections. It just goes to show the great people that sport can bring you in contact with and how enjoyable it is and has been to work with these amazing people, their families and networks.

Why is it so important to you?

Unfortunately we are all dealt cards in life and some don’t come up the way that we would envisage, but we soldier on and make the best of what we are dealt and I see my role in the Foundation as being able to make the cards that the families have been dealt the best that they possibly can be. To be working closely with ‘families with special needs’ is the very least I can do considering how lucky I have been in my life to date with my wonderful family and friends in which I never take for granted.

What does the future hold for the Oli E Foundation in your eyes?

We are only touching the surface on the impact that we can make in the lives of many families with special needs. Day in day out I am asked about the role of the Foundation and after explaining the benefits that we deliver and can deliver on in the future to those in need, it is astonishing at the opportunities that lay ahead. For a corporate, small business, sporting club or individual the Oli E Foundation appreciates all of whom are willing to give a little or a lot.

We have a lot to give as a group of very motivated and well connected members of this Foundation it is paramount that we continue to network and involve as many people as we can in this great cause because there are many out there that we can make a difference in their lives and make sure that the cards they have been dealt come up trumps for them and their families.