Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson has been involved in elite sport for over 20 years, firstly as a track & field sprinter (100m – 400m), then as a sports broadcaster in various radio & television capacities.

He started his journey into elite sport by winning the 1993 Stawell Gift, and has the record of being the only athlete in 130+ years of this iconic event to win the 100m / Stawell Gift / 120m Backmarkers events in successive years. After winning the Stawell Gift, he raced at national & international level at 100m – 400m distances, and won the 1996 British Professional 200m Championship.

Once retired as an athlete, he pursued his passion for sport & the media, initially working with world leading eyewear company, Oakley, as Asia Pacific Sports Marketing Manager for 6 years, before founding his own importing & retail business which was developed to a point to being sold to a Publicly Listed Company in 2008.

His sports media career started in 2000, with Channel 10, initially as guest reporter on Sydney 2000 Olympics, then as host / reporter with Inside Sport TV. This lead into being a foundation host of new 24 hour Melbourne Sports Radio station SEN-1116 in 2003, and has worked extensively on SEN hosting all the key daily programs, plus their feature coverage of AFL Football, Spring Racing Carnival, Track & Field, Cricket etc..

Jason’s love of thoroughbred racing started in his very early childhood, through his family’s involvement as Trainers & Jockeys in Tasmania, highlighted by Sunny Lane running in the Melbourne Cup before placing in a Hong Kong Vase, owned by his uncle, John Best.

Therefore, in 2007 the opportunity to work with ThoroughVision (TVN) was a perfect combination of Jason’s sports media background and his love for thoroughbred racing. He owns 4 horses at present, ranging from city class through to ‘heavily pregnant’ and dreams of one day owning a legitimate WFA horse!


A few quick bits from Jason:

How did you get involved with the Oli E Foundation?

My first exposure to the Oli E Foundation was through friends via one of their many first class fundraising events. Once I met Olivia and her sensational family, and realised how a group of like minded people can rally together and make a significant difference to the lives of those less fortunate, then I was “in” to help as much as can.


Why is it so important to you?

I’m lucky, my family are lucky and my friends are lucky, however through no fault of their own the families we help are no so lucky!

The families that Oli E directly assist are doing it tough, with ever increasing medical costs and the emotional torment of one of their loved ones in pain, they desperately need our help and it’s vital we get them that help.


What does the future hold for the Oli E Foundation in your eyes?

The Oli E Foundation has only just “scratched the surface” of supporting families in desperate need. We need to do more and we will!

The profile of the Foundation is on the rise, the fundraising events are gaining increased support and the overall impact we have on families in need will only improve.

The sky is the limit … Who wants to help?