The Beginning



Olivia Evans, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of eighteen months.  Since her first operation at the tender age of 3, Olivia has since endured in over 40 invasive operations, with the likelihood of more to come.

For those who can afford private health insurance, there is assistance for families to cover both medical and equipment costs.

At best, Private Health Insurance will only cover up to 77% of most medical costs, and is dependent on the capacity of the respective policies supplied by the various Health Insurers.  Even then, there is a lot of equipment, specifically, that Private Health Insurance will not cover the cost of.  As a result, families have to meet these expenses at a minimum, or Gap payments can become larger, at best.  This results in greater financial burdens on families.

The more surgery, the greater the costs involved, and the consequent need for medical aids.

 The initial concept of the Foundation started out as a small golf day for a few friends to raise much needed funds for Olivia.  This has since grown to a day that is now a permanent fixture, and is pencilled in on everyone’s calendar each year. The Oli E Foundation Charity Golf Day has over 120 participants, is supported by many companies, and now raises in excess of $30,000 each year.

This has enabled the foundation to establish a solid beginning in providing support to both Olivia and other children in the community.

It is now our aim to grow exposure and, more importantly, grow our network of individual and corporate friends.

The Oli E Foundation Logo represents everything that we believe in as an organisation.

The heart shaped balloons represent care and compassion. The naive drawing style evokes child’s play.

The balloons convey thoughts of happy events and cheerfulness; a symbol of motion and positive outcomes.

With your support, the Oli E Foundation will continue in its endeavours to grow, raise necessary funds, and help alleviate the financial strains placed on families that have children with special needs.

It is our belief that this will, in part, assist in providing the children, and their families, with a better standard of living.