Our Objectives


• Supporting families that have children with special needs.

• Assist families with funding to cover gap payments and other out of pocket expenses.

• Become a financial organisation that is recognised throughout the community for its tireless work supporting “Families with special needs”.

• Convene a range of events designed to raise necessary funds, whilst providing an enjoyable and rewarding outcome for both the families and foundation supporters.

• Purchase a Costal/ Rural property that is adapted for children with special needs, therefore providing a relaxing getaway for the children and their families.

• Promote the brand “Oli E Foundation” in a manner that represents care and compassion whilst also delivering style and energy that develops long term business and sponsorship opportunities for all business genres.

• Align ourselves with an employment agency in the hope of placing cerebral palsy sufferers in full time employment, This will provide income, employment, self esteem and a feeling of community belonging.